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Ōshiro Tatsuhiro and the Uncanny

(p.155) Chapter 7 History/Fiction/Identity
The Alien Within
Leith Morton
University of Hawai'i Press

This chapter explores a long historical novel that depicts the noro, female shamans who played an important role in the establishment of the independent Ryükyü kingdom in the fifteenth century. The novel deals with a famous noro and her romance with the Ryükyü king, along with the consequences this had for history. The novel also examines the role played bynoro, who are practitioners of uncanny arts and are objects of fear and awe for ordinary Okinawans. Öshiro Tatsuhiro again studies the nature of the exotic or the uncanny, in an attempt to define the identity not merely of the Okinawan people but also of the historic Ryükyü state.

Keywords:   noro, female shamans, Ryükyü kingdom, uncanny arts, Okinawan people, Öshiro Tatsuhiro

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