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The Early Ryukyu Kingdom (AD 1429 to 1609)

The Early Ryukyu Kingdom (AD 1429 to 1609)

(p.234) Chapter 9 The Early Ryukyu Kingdom (AD 1429 to 1609)
Ancient Ryukyu
Richard Pearson
University of Hawai'i Press

This chapter studies the archaeology of the Ryukyu Kingdom from the time of the defeat of its rivals in the early fifteenth century AD to its subjugation by Satsuma in AD 1609. In this period the newly unified Ryukyu Kingdom, consisting of Chūzan and its defeated rivals of Sanhoku and Sannan, reached its full development. It interacted on several levels with communities of all types, from royal courts to small traders and pirates, throughout East and Southeast Asia. Within the Ryukyus a distinctive high culture was created. While old connections with the Japanese main islands took on a new form, an entirely new status as tributary state was consolidated with China.

Keywords:   Archaeology, Ryukyu Kingdom, Chūzan, Sanhoku, Sannan, Ryukyus

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