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Discussion and Conclusions

Discussion and Conclusions

(p.273) Chapter 10 Discussion and Conclusions
Ancient Ryukyu
Richard Pearson
University of Hawai'i Press

This concluding chapter shows the archaeological exploration of human communities living on the island arc of the Ryukyus including their migrations, adaptations, interaction, and islandscapes. Human fossils are dated to roughly 30,000 to 14,000 BC, although we know virtually nothing about the cultural adaptations, population dynamics, or subsistence practices of the Pleistocene inhabitants of the islands. As island hunter-gatherers, Ryukyuans survived for thousands of years in small communities, dying out on more than one occasion. Repeated migration from surrounding areas was significant for their survival. It is possible that they experimented with growing root crops and pig raising before adopting cereal cultivation.

Keywords:   Ryukyus, human fossils, hunter-gatherers, Ryukyuans, pig raising, cereal cultivation

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