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The Peasantry and the Periurban Fringe

The Peasantry and the Periurban Fringe

(p.74) Chapter 4 The Peasantry and the Periurban Fringe
After the New Order
Abidin Kusno
University of Hawai'i Press

This chapter shows how town planning advisor Kenneth Watts, addressed the unprecedented rapid population growth in Jakarta. Confronted by “the magnitude of the rural–urban movement [that] is now so great that attempts to halt it—far less reverse it—are quite futile,” Watts suggested the development of “small towns” on the outskirts of Jakarta to “create counter-magnets to the pull of the big city.” He added that “if effort were made to stimulate industrial growth in the smaller town, the chances of attracting more migrants to them might be much better than is usually supposed.” However, his idea of setting up a barrier zone at the periphery of the capital city to absorb rural migrants was dusted off and only developed during the New Order of Suharto, with assistance from the World Bank.

Keywords:   Kenneth Watts, population growth, small towns, barrier zone, New Order of Suharto, World Bank, migrants

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