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Housing the Margin

Housing the Margin

(p.139) Chapter 7 Housing the Margin
After the New Order
Abidin Kusno
University of Hawai'i Press

This chapter narrates the events surrounding the Second National Congress of Housing and Settlement held at the Hotel Bidakara, Jakarta. Attended by some 1,500 people from various parts of Indonesia, the congress is considered a milestone in the history of Indonesian housing. There, several new initiatives were proclaimed by the congress, some of which were clearly a departure from those of the New Order. For instance, housing was considered a human right, rather than simply a human need for shelter, as assumed by the New Order. On that note, Oswar Mungkasa from National Planning explained in his contribution to Inforum that even though the 1945 Constitution contained the principle of a right to housing for everyone, it needed to be more specific in its formulation.

Keywords:   Indonesian housing, settlement, Jakarta, New Order, human right, shelter, National Planning

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