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Turning Time: An Interview

Turning Time: An Interview

(p.172) Epilogue Turning Time: An Interview
After the New Order
Abidin Kusno
University of Hawai'i Press

This concluding chapter presents the author's remarks on the changing ideology of development, during an interview. He claimed that development in Jakarta has a history longer than the Suharto regime, which could be traced back to colonial times. Framing the post-Suharto era as a new time opened up ways to conceive many possibilities. For instance, the notion of rakyat (poor people) seemed to be the majority at the time when the middle class found themselves in decline as many of them had lost their jobs following the financial crisis. The remainder of the chapter discusses his opinion on several topics such as: the hierarchies within the category of the poor, and the autonomy of the informal time.

Keywords:   development, Suharto regime, colonial time, middle class, post-Suharto era

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