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Modified and Unmodified Turtle Remains from Nu‘alolo Kai

Modified and Unmodified Turtle Remains from Nu‘alolo Kai

(p.61) Chapter 5 Modified and Unmodified Turtle Remains from Nu‘alolo Kai
Abundance and Resilience
Michael W. GravesStephanie JolivetteKelley S. EshJulie S. Field
University of Hawai'i Press

This chapter examines modified and unmodified archaeological remains of sea turtles from Nuʻalolo Kai. The 1958–1964 and 1990 archaeological excavations at Nuʻalolo Kai yielded only a small number of sea turtle remains relative to the total bone assemblage, but the sample represents the largest collection of sea turtle bones recovered from an archaeological site in the Hawaiian Islands. This collection is also unique in that it contains identified elements from both the green sea turtle and the hawksbill turtle. This chapter discusses the presence of sea turtle remains in the archaeological collection from Nuʻalolo Kai, with particular emphasis on the distribution of modified and unmodified elements in the stratified deposits. The results indicate that sea turtles were used extensively in the later occupations of Nuʻalolo Kai and that hunting focused on the subadult and adult portions of the population.

Keywords:   archaeological remains, sea turtle, Nuʻalolo Kai, archaeological excavations, bone assemblage, Hawaiian Islands, green sea turtle, hawksbill turtle, stratified deposits, hunting

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