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Modified Coral from Nu‘alolo Kai

Modified Coral from Nu‘alolo Kai

(p.140) Chapter 8 Modified Coral from Nu‘alolo Kai
Abundance and Resilience
Julie S. FieldWindy K. McElroy
University of Hawai'i Press

This chapter examines artifacts of modified coral from Nuʻalolo Kai. There are few substantial coral colonies inshore at Nuʻalolo Kai, an indication of the heavy wave action experienced by the coastline during the winter months. The corals that have been documented inshore include Porites lobata and Montipora patula. Corals are present at deeper depths, such as Pocillopora meandrina, Porites lobata, Pavona duerdeni, and the soft coral Palythoa tuberculosa. Using techniques that focus on wear patterns and morphology, this chapter analyzes several assemblages of coral artifacts from the 1958–1964 Bishop Museum Nuʻalolo Kai collection, including coral files, coral octopus lure weights, conically shaped coral artifacts, and coral discoids. It also considers the distribution of coral files and coral abraders throughout the stratigraphic deposits of Nuʻalolo Kai, along with various coral traits produced by manufacture and attrition. Finally, the chapter discusses the frequency of coral tools at Nuʻalolo Kai.

Keywords:   coral artifacts, modified coral, Nuʻalolo Kai, Bishop Museum, coral files, octopus, stratigraphic deposits, coral tools

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