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The Prehistory of Nu‘alolo Kai

(p.188) Chapter 11 Synthesis
Abundance and Resilience
Julie S. FieldMichael W. Graves
University of Hawai'i Press

This concluding chapter presents an integrated picture of subsistence at Nuʻalolo Kai, with particular emphasis on trends and changes pertaining to local environment, foraging, settlement, animal husbandry, and material culture over the past 500 years. It provides a chronology of habitation and subsistence at Nuʻalolo Kai from AD 1300 to AD 1700 to present. It also examines food production and stewardship at Nuʻalolo Kai. Despite changes over time with regard to fishing practices, mollusk collection, the hunting of birds, and the raising of pigs and dogs, the chapter suggests that Nuʻalolo Kai fauna appear to have been resilient to human use, with no evidence for overharvesting or pronounced declines in any taxon. The implications of this finding for modern harvesting and conservation are discussed, along with the context of Nuʻalolo Kai within Hawaiʻi's archaeology and prehistory.

Keywords:   subsistence, Nuʻalolo Kai, foraging, animal husbandry, food production, harvesting, conservation, Hawaiʻi, archaeology, prehistory

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